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Sonoma CA

Sweet, little, charming Sonoma CA packs quite a punch. Not only is it the birthplace of modern California wine-making, but it’s also the birthplace of California itself. With a pedigree like that, you might expect Sonoma California to be a bit prim, a bit stand-offish. But, this socialite has an exuberant and playful, wild streak.

For example, a Wine Country food and wine event consists of people chatting with each other and milling about from table to table, sipping wine and nibbling on delicacies. Typically, there’s some nice jazz music in the background. Sometimes a couple might get up and dance. It’s an enjoyable, if rather subdued, way to spend the day. In Sonoma CA, their food and wine events are an excuse for the locals—and any interested visitors—to get together and party.

For instance, after an afternoon of great food and wine at their annual Sonoma Red and White BallShow on map, the kicker of the event takes place at night when the town’s favorite pop hits cover band comes out to play. Everyone goes nuts and dances and jumps up on the stage and sings along. At one Ball, we spotted the Mayor of Sonoma California walking around in a bright red t-shirt with the words “Da Mayor” written on it. Says it all, doesn’t it?

The Ball takes place in Sonoma Plaza as do many of the community events, such as the Salute to the Arts and the Valley of the Moon Vintage FestivalShow on map. The Plaza – the largest in California – is a gathering spot for locals and a great place for tourists to visit. The Sonoma CA City Hall is located within it, as is an outdoor theater, playground structures, duck pond and picnic tables. On Tuesday nights (April – October), you can shop at the nearby farmer’s market by Depot Park , and then come back to picnic at the plaza with the locals.

Sonoma California, located at the southern end of the county, is the main town for the Sonoma ValleyShow on map wine region, which stretches from the town of Sonoma , up along Hwy. 12, all the way to Santa Rosa . For the northern part of the county, Healdsburg is the main Wine Country town.

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