Why was Mr. Robot Cancelled?

Why was Mr. Robot Cancelled?

Robot creator, showrunner, and director Sam Esmail has long said that this show was only intended to run for a set amount of seasons, and in planning the fourth season, he realized that the time was right to bring the stories to a natural conclusion.

Is Mr. Robot worth watching?

The show is fast-paced, visceral, original and, as reports go, extremely authentic. It’s an engaging watch – tense and fast-paced. Definitely one to check out.

Is Mr. Robot overrated?

So in my opinion, yes it’s overrated. First of all the main character is so dreary and dull that I would feel like committing suicide, keep in mind that I love Dexter so lack of emotions or empathy etcetera is not my problem. He is just not interesting.

Why is Mr. Robot good?

Robot truly stands out and cements itself as one of television’s great works: it’s creative risk-taking, genre-bending and mastery of the medium. This show pushes the boundaries of television in ways that I’ve never seen, including in its Golden Age contemporaries.

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