What should I watch if I like Sweet Tooth?

What should I watch if I like Sweet Tooth?

Movies To Watch If You Love Sweet Tooth

  • Arlo the Alligator Boy. Netflix. …
  • Thunder Force. …
  • Zombieland. …
  • Rim of the World. …
  • The BFG. …
  • Prospect. …
  • The Mirror Boy.

Did Sweet Tooth get good ratings?

Netflix’s post-apocalyptic fantasy series Sweet Tooth is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics ahead of its release.

What did Sweet Tooth get on Rotten Tomatoes?

Sweet Tooth has earned the coveted title of Certified Fresh on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. At the time of writing, the series is currently sitting on a Tomatometer score of 100% with an average score of 8.44/10 across 23 different reviews.

Is Sweet Tooth for adults?

And for a solo adult viewer, Gus’ journey may feel a little predictable in moments. But for the right kind of kid, “Sweet Tooth” might make for good family viewing; there is enough in the way of complication here to keep parents intrigued without sending the show spinning down into pure absurdity for its own sake.

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What should I watch on Netflix after Sweet Tooth?

10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Shows Like Netflix’s Sweet Tooth

  • 4 The Last Ship – Stream On Hulu.
  • 5 Thunderstone – Stream On YouTube. …
  • 6 The 100 – Stream On Netflix. …
  • 7 The Rain – Stream On Netflix. …
  • 8 Into The Night – Stream On Netflix. …
  • 9 The Shannara Chronicles – Stream On Netflix. …
  • 10 The New Tomorrow – Stream On Hoopla. …

Are more teeth sweet?

Release date: Cameras only started rolling on Sweet Tooth season 2 in January 2022, so there’s likely a long wait ahead. Based on the timeframe of other Netflix shows, we wouldn’t expect a Sweet Tooth season 2 release date until late 2022 or 2023.

Is Sweet Tooth OK for 9 year old?

Is Sweet Tooth kid friendly? Yes, for most ages. While there is some mature content and fantasy elements, many will enjoy this series, especially fans of Shadow and Bone.

Is Sweet Tooth appropriate for 13 year olds?

According to Netflix, the original series age rating currently stands at a TV-14 meaning that teens may be able to watch the series by themselves, but kids under the age of 14 may need some parental guidance.

Is Sweet Tooth’s mom a deer?

Then a miracle happened, and hybrids were born into existence, only people feared them because they were different. So nature set the rest of the world on fire, and now it burns forever. Gus then tells his dad that he saw his mama (the deer), but dad confirms his mother is gone.

Why is the show called Sweet Tooth?

That’s one reason that tone of “Sweet Tooth” balances on a knife’s edge; the title refers to its 10-year-old protagonist’s — Gus, played by Christian Convery — love of candy, which he shares with nearly all little kids.

What is the sentence of Sweet Tooth?

To have a propensity and preference for eating sugary foods. If you’re looking for a snack, go talk to Jenny—she has a real sweet tooth, so she probably keeps candy bars in her desk. Because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I get more excited about entrees than desserts.

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Is Sweet Tooth based on a true story?

Sweet Tooth is based on a set of comics by Jeff Lemire, which were first released in 2009. Any parallels between the pandemic theme and the real-life pandemic, therefore, are purely coincidental.

Can I watch Sweet Tooth with family?

According to Netflix, Sweet Tooth is rated TV-14, which means it has subject matter that many parents might find unsuitable for kids under the age of 14. Parents gave their input about it on Common Sense Media, however, and most have said Sweet Tooth is fine for kids ages 11 and up.

Who was last guy in Sweet Tooth?

The Last Men are a group of men formed following the Great Crumble. Their primary aim is to hunt down and capture, and in some cases assassinate, hybrid children. The members of the Last Men have the logo of the group imprinted onto their chest.

Is Sweet Tooth a sad show?

Since its release earlier this month, fans have been left both opened mouthed and with a tear in their eye as the action unfolded. Sweet Tooth viewers were left very emotional after watching harrowing child murder scenesCredit: Photo by Kirsty Griffin / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Is Sweet Tooth Like Stranger Things?

Amid all of the bizarre imagery and motifs offered by Sweet Tooth lies a heartfelt family drama at its very core. The same can be said about Stranger Things, another series available on Netflix, this time centered around children who encounter aliens.

Where can I watch Sweet Tooth?

Sweet Tooth, an action series starring Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, and Adeel Akhtar is available to stream now. Watch it on Netflix on your Roku device.

Is Sweet Tooth on Netflix scary?

This week, Netflix subscribers everywhere clicked on a show that looked like a fairy tale on the surface but gradually revealed itself to be a horror show — Sweet Tooth. The Netflix original series is set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a pandemic, violence and nefarious plots at the highest level.

What age is raising Dion appropriate for?

Raising Dion provides a powerful drama about being a parent—and understanding your own powers and responsibilities as a child. Due to some language and intense situations, it’s Dove-approved for Ages 12+.

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Who are sweet tooths parents?

Gus was raised to believe Pubba was his father and Birdie was his mother. It’s revealed in episode 7 that Pubba’s real name is Richard Fox and that he was a janitor at Fort Smith Labs in Colorado.

What is the disease in Sweet Tooth?

TV Series Review

They called it the Great Crumble. With no cure or treatments for the deadly H5G9 virus, the Sick only had a couple of days from the time the first symptoms began (their pinky fingers shaking) to the time they died. Panic set in. Mandatory quarantines were enforced.

Is Gus a God in Sweet Tooth?

Gus’ origin is linked to the microbes Birdie’s science team found in Alaska, but the Sweet Tooth comic had him made from an indigenous deity. The show teases this with a large deer with giant antlers that distracts the Last Men squad leader at the inn as he’s about to tranquilize Gus.

Why is Gus so special in Sweet Tooth?

In Sweet Tooth, Gus’s hybrid deer DNA gives him lots of useful abilities, including heightened senses, enhanced agility, and night vision.

Is Robert Downey Jr in Sweet Tooth?

Nonso Anozie and Christian Convery, the stars of Netflix’s Sweet Tooth, consider what roles they’d like producer Robert Downey Jr. to play.

Who is the black guy in Sweet Tooth?

Nonso Anozie was born on May 28, 1979 in London, England. He is an actor and producer, known for …

What is the opposite of sweet tooth?

Antonyms. sour tasteless sugarless unpleasant unmusical tuneless odorless.

What is a spicy tooth?

DEFINITIONS1. 1. if you have a spicy tooth, you like eating spicy foods. This restaurant is great for those who have a spicy tooth.

What do you call a person with a sweet tooth?

Show activity on this post. Someone who has a particular fondness or even a craving for sweets is said to have a sweet tooth. If you need an adjective, you can say that person is sweet-toothed, as mentioned by WS2 in one of the comments. sweet-tooth (noun) – “a strong liking for sweet foods”

Is there a Sweet Tooth Season 2?

Sweet Tooth season 2 quickly became a topic of conversation, and the streaming service officially ordered additional episodes of the show. However, since its debut in June 2021, fans have been excited to learn when they could watch the new season. But unfortunately, the fantasy show will not be returning this month.

Does Gus have powers in Sweet Tooth?

Abilities. Enhanced Smell: Gus is able to smell people even when they’re not in his sight. Enhanced Hearing: Gus is capable of hearing from great distance. Enhanced Agility: Gus’s agility is far more than a normal human as shown when he was able to chase a train and jump onto it with ease compared to Thomas and Bear.

Who played Johnny Sweet Tooth?

Sweet Tooth (TV Series 2021– ) – Marlon Williams as Johnny – IMDb.

Does Sweet Tooth have violence?

This show is very tame and has minimal violence and peril.

Is there swearing in Sweet Tooth?

Cursing includes “s–t” and “ass.” Positive messages include themes of family, friendship, and environmentalism. Will Forte co-stars as Gus’s father.

Is Bobby in Sweet Tooth a hybrid?

Bobby is a demure hybrid who is wary of humans barring Johnny, due to his upbringing inside the Preserve enclosure. Being more animal than human, Bobby shares several traits with groundhogs, such as hibernating during winter and having a chittering cadence in his voice.

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