What is the story carrot seed about?

What is the story carrot seed about?

The Carrot Seed is about a little boy who plants a seed. As often happens adults around the child tell him that planting the seed will never work and nothing will grow.

What are the seeds for carrots?

Carrot seeds are not true seeds in a botanical sense but are dry fruits called ‘schizocarps’. The Carrot is not a fruit in the common understanding, so there are no seeds inside or on the carrot.

What is the ending of the story the carrot seed?

This 99-word story brilliantly tells the tale of a little boy who plants a carrot seed and continues to care for it, even though everyone in his family tells him it won’t come up. In the end (spoiler alert!), the carrot comes up and the boy needs a wheelbarrow to carry it away.

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What reading level is the carrot seed?

Leveled Books Database

• Carrot Seed
Author: Ruth Krauss Amazon: More Info | Buy Now – If available Guided Reading Level: G Reading Recovery Level: 12 Grade Level: 1.56 Word Count: 101

When was the carrot seed written?


First edition (paperback)
Author Ruth Krauss
Publication date 1945
Media type Print
Pages 65

How do carrots grow from seeds?

How do you grow carrot seeds?

Sow carrots directly into the ground. Make a seed drill (shallow trench) about 1cm deep using the edge of a hoe or trowel. Sow the seeds thinly along the bottom of the drill about 5-8cm apart. Cover them with soil, and water well using a watering can with a rose attached.

How do you get seeds from carrots?

What did the boy do one day the carrot seed?

Despite his parents and his brother telling him not to water the plant because it won’t grow, the boy keeps watering his plant and pulling up the weeds, day after day.

How many pages does the carrot seed have?


ISBN-13: 9780064432108
Publication date: 05/19/2020
Series: Trophy Picture Bks.
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 32

How many carrots do you get from one seed?

Yes, one carrot seed produces one plant, and as carrots are the edible root of the plant, one seed produces one carrot.

Can you grow a carrot from a carrot?

Set your pieces of carrot tops on the papers, and in a few days, you’ll see the roots spread. Keep the paper wet. Once the new plants have rooted well, your kids can plant them in soil. The new plants should show growth pretty quickly and if you’re lucky, little gardeners will be delighted with their reward.

How long carrots grow from seed?

Because carrot seeds require 14 to 21 days to sprout, many gardeners mix a few radish seeds, which sprout quickly, with carrot seeds to mark the row. Cover the seeds lightly (Fig. 3). Carrots grow best in cool temperatures of early spring and late fall.

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Are carrots easy to grow from seed?

It’s hard to imagine a flourishing vegetable garden without carrots. They’re actually pretty easy to grow from seed – so long as you take account of a few golden rules.

Can you plant a carrot and it will grow?

What’s the best way to regrow carrots? -Phillip S. ANSWER: A carrot planted in the ground will not produce another carrot in its root system, but it will produce a carrot plant, which, if provided with ample water, light and temperatures below 50 degrees F, will grow small white flowers and small brown seeds.

Are carrots easy to grow?

Carrots are easy to grow; just give them loose, rich soil free of clods and stones and a soil temperature anywhere between 45° and 85°F. Carrots are easy to grow; just give them loose, rich soil free of clods and stones and a soil temperature anywhere between 45° and 85°F.

Can you get carrot seeds from carrot tops?

Your carrot tops won’t form a new carrot, but they will flower and produce seeds. If your carrots are hybrids, the carrots seeds won’t turn out the same as the original carrot, but you can certainly try planting them in your vegetable garden and see what kind of carrot comes up.

How do carrots grow without seeds?

Why do carrots go to seed?

After cold weather, such as over winter, they produce flowers and then go to seed. Carrots flowering refocus their energy on flower and seed production, turning the actual carrot woody and unpalatable.

How big is a carrot seed?

Because carrot seeds are tiny, they need to be sown shallowly. The trick is to keep the top-most layer of soil damp during the relatively long germination period. Water deeply prior to planting. Direct sow the tiny seeds 5mm (¼”) deep, 4 seeds per 2cm (1″), and firm soil lightly after seeding.

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What month are carrots harvested?

Gardeners in warmer climates may be able to grow carrots through the winter by mulching them well, but in climates where the ground freezes and temperatures are consistently below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s best to harvest all carrot in late autumn.

What is the fastest growing vegetable?

1. Radishes. Radishes are one of the fastest vegetables, taking just three to four weeks to reach harvest time.

How are carrots harvested?

Can you replant carrot tops?

ANSWER: Carrots, the root plant and orange vegetable, cannot be grown from planting just the top of the vegetable. But the carrot plant, or what is known as the carrot top, can be regrown from harvested carrot tops.

What is the best way to grow carrots?

Carrots grow best in full sun and light, fertile, well-drained soil. If your soil is stony, shallow or heavy clay, you may end up with stunted or forked roots, so try short-rooted types. Before sowing dig over the area to a spades depth, removing weeds, and as many stones as possible.

What does a carrot need to grow?

Carrots prefer full sun and relatively cool soil. In a raised bed, neighboring plants will help shade the soil and keep it from getting too hot. Consistent moisture produces the tastiest carrots, so give them about 1″ of water per week.

How long does it take carrots to sprout?

So, how long do carrot seeds take to germinate? Carrot seeds take 6 to 10 days to germinate under optimal conditions. Carrot seeds germinate faster with proper soil temperature, humidity, and air circulation.

What is the life cycle of a carrot?

Carrots are a biennial plant, which means that the life cycle of the plant takes two years to complete. In the first year of the life cycle the embryo within a seed develops into a mature plant. While maturing the plant grows foliage and stores sugars in an enlarged root.

Where do carrots grow best?

Carrots do best in loose, sandy loam soils that are well drained. In heavy soils, they mature more slowly, and the roots are often rough and unattractive. They will grow in some shade and do well in small gardens and flower beds. Remove all rocks, trash and large pieces of plant material from the soil sur- face.

Where do carrots grow naturally?

Wild carrot, the progenitor of the cultivated carrot, is a biennial weed native to Europe, southwestern Asia and North Africa. Being a prolific seed producer, it can spread rapidly, and in its introduced range in North America and Australia it i…

Can you plant carrots from the store?

Which vegetables are hardest to grow?

  • 10: Cauliflower. Cauliflower, a part of the brassica family, which includes broccoli and cabbage, can be a difficult vegetable to grow. …
  • 9: Celery. …
  • 8: Sweet Corn. …
  • 7: Eggplant. …
  • 6: Head Lettuce. …
  • 5: Carrots. …
  • 4: Muskmelon. …
  • 3: Onion.

What is the most difficult vegetable to grow?

There are dozens of reasons why farmers consider wasabi the most difficult crop to grow of all time. The wrong nutrient composition or too much humidity will kill wasabi. It is extremely susceptible to diseases and bugs when grown in large scales.

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