What is the plural for potato?

What is the plural for potato?

The singular spelling of potato doesn’t contain the letter “E,” so it is somewhat understandable that people would get confused when the plural does. The correct plural spelling is potatoes. Potatos is a common misspelling.

What is the plural name of tomato?

tomato. noun. to·​ma·​to | \ tə-ˈmā-tō , -ˈmä- \ plural tomatoes.

Which is correct tomato or tomatoe?

Tomato is the correct spelling of the popular red fruit that is used in salads. Tomatoe is incorrect and should not be used in English. Tomatoes is the plural of tomato. When you have a tomato, you have a meal!

Is tomato plural or singular?

The plural form of tomato is tomatoes. There are many rules in English for the construction of plural nouns, potatoes and tomatoes are examples of plural nouns that are exceptions to a rule. Some dictionaries list the word potatoe as a variant spelling of potato, this variation doesn’t appear to be wide-spread.

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