What are red pear tomatoes good for?

What are red pear tomatoes good for?

The Red Pear’s plants are very prolific and are producers of 1-2″ long tomatoes that are great on salads, sauces or roasted in the oven.

What kind of tomato is a red deuce?

Red Deuce tomato is an excellent second early variety to follow Primo Red with. The determinate plants produce big yields of large to extra-large fruit that have great eye-appeal and good eating quality. The fruit are globe-shaped, uniform ripening and ripen to a deep red color.

Is the red pearl tomato determinate or indeterminate?

Indeterminate. USDA Certified Organic. Avg. 19,000 seeds/oz.

Are red Deuce tomatoes indeterminate?

‘Red Deuce’ tomato is a determinate plant which produces big yields of large to extra-large 10 oz. globe shaped fruit that have great eye-appeal and good eating quality.

Is the red pear tomato an heirloom?

One of the rarest of the heirloom varieties and still grown today! Hardy, medium-sized plants yield plenty of small, red, pear-shaped fruits with very few seeds. Perfect for salads, sauces or pickles.

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How big do red pear tomatoes get?


Sow Seeds Indoors Feb. – March Days To Germinate 7 – 14 days
Transplant Outdoors In Full Sun April – June 5 – 7 feet Mature Height
Transplant To Harvest Approx. 75 days

What is a bobcat tomato?

Description: This high-yielding beefsteak produces globe shaped red fruit. This vigorous plant has dense foliage that provides excellent protection to the fruit. Suitable for large patio containers.

What is a rodeo tomato?

The Rodeo Tomato of 2022 is STM2255, a determinate plant that produces a generous crop of large, globe-shaped tasty fruit with considerable disease resistance to alternaria, fusarium, verticillium and gray leaf spot.

What is a pearl tomato?

Also known as ‘Gartenperle’, Lycopersicon esculentum ‘Garden Pearl’ is an easy-to-grow ‘tumbling tomato’, bearing masses of small, pink-red cherry tomatoes on compact plants. ‘Garden Pearl’ is well suited to growing in a pot or hanging basket, where its foliage and fruit will trail over the sides.

What are pear shaped tomatoes called?

Red pear/teardrop tomatoes are small, red tomatoes that are shaped like a pear or teardrop. They are often used as a snack or in salads. Pear/teardrop tomatoes have a sweet and tangy flavor.

What are red pear tomatoes?

The Red Pear is a small cherry tomatoes that produces uniform, crack resistant fruit with a sweet and tangy flavor. They have a firm texture, juicy interior, and teardrop shape with translucent inner flesh.

Are Red Deuce tomatoes hybrid?

Red Deuce (Hybrid Bush Tomato)

Is Jetstar an heirloom tomato?

What Are Jet Stars? Jet Star tomato plants (Lycopersicon esculentum) are a hybrid tomato that bears red, sweet, and low-acid fruit. They are early season tomatoes, that take about 72 days to mature. But one of the main reasons that they’re growing in popularity is the fact they’re also disease and crack-resistant.

Is Carolina Gold an heirloom tomato?

An Amish heirloom. Carolina Gold: Sweet low-acid tomato with ½ lb. fruits. Determinate.

Is Roma VF determinate or indeterminate?

These tomatoes have very little juice and a mild flavor. Roma VF tomatoes are large, determinate plants that have great leaf cover and disease tolerance.

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What is a Marion tomato?

The Marion Tomato is a great tasting, bright red Rutgers variety that is perfect for slicing and fresh eating in a salad or on a sandwich. This variety is earlier and more disease resistant and crack resistant than other tomatoes.

Are cherry tomatoes heirloom?

Cherry tomatoes are the small, round guys with thin skins that squirt juice everywhere when you bite into them. They’re super sweet and have a high water content, and they come in many colors; my personal favorites are the Sungolds, an heirloom type that ripens to a golden orange.

What is an Italian tomato called?


The Roma tomato is the very essence of Italian tomatoes, is the perfect ingredient for stews, sauces and tomato paste. They are widely available, and very inexpensive, easily the best bang for your buck if you are looking for intense flavor.

What is a delicious tomato?

The Delicious Tomato is a World Record giant, bright red beefsteak tomato that can grow to be at least one pound or more. This variety is not only large, but it is also fairly crack resistant. The Delicious tomato gets its name for being very delicious of course!

What is an Italian pear tomato?

A very special pear-type tomato, this one is large and somewhat ribbed with thin skin and with a delicious, slightly sweet flavor. It bears a large number of fruit, which are delicate and flavorful enough to eat fresh, but also perfect for cooking into a fragrant tomato sauce.

What is a Juliet tomato?

The Juliet tomato is a grape tomato variety that’ sweet and delicious. It’s often nicknamed the “mini Roma” because of its shape. These tomatoes are soft and juicy like cherry tomatoes and enjoy a long shelf life. The plants have vigorous vines, known for setting abundant fruits.

Are Bobcat tomatoes indeterminate?

Plants are indeterminate. Bobcat (68 days) – Firm beefsteak type determinate tomato. 10 oz fruits comparable to the big beef tomato.

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How big do pineapple tomatoes get?

How Tall Do The Pineapple Tomato Plants Get? Pineapple tomato plants can grow 6-10 feet tall (or more). Pineapple tomatoes are indeterminate beefsteak-type tomatoes, which tend to be the largest types of tomatoes to grow.

What is a mountain fresh tomato?

The most widely grown market tomato in the East and Midwest. Able to tolerate adverse weather conditions. This big red tomato is a great slicer with good taste. Vigorous plants provide plenty of leaf cover and is the most disease resistant variety we offer.

How do you grow red cherry tomatoes?

Sow & Grow

Sow thinly, 0.5cm (¼”) deep, in a pot of compost. Water well and place in a warm position. A temperature of 15-20°C (60-68°F) is ideal. Keep moist.

Are pearl tomatoes sweet?

Scarlet Pearl Grape Tomatoes

These precious little pearls are mini grape tomatoes with a robust sweet flavor. Their size and flavor make them perfect for snacking or a treat for lunches.

How do you grow Gold Nugget tomatoes?

Start indoors in early spring over bottom heat. When seedlings germinate, remove from the heat and grow under bright lights. Grow seedlings on for 6-8 weeks at around 10°C (50°F). Early season tomatoes can be planted out once night time temperatures are reliably above 7°C (45°F) – or later.

What type of tomato is sungold?

One of the most popular varieties of cherry tomatoes, Sungold ripens early to a golden orange, ready to harvest throughout the summer. These extra-sweet tomatoes stay firmer longer than other cherry varieties and will be ready to harvest twice a week once they begin producing fruit.

What are tiny red tomatoes called?

Cherry tomatoes get their name because they’re the size and shapes of cherries. These little round tomatoes are juicy, sweet, and have thin skins. Since they have a high water content, cherry tomatoes are notorious for squirting when you bite into them!

What are pink tomatoes?

Heirloom. This popular beefsteak-sized, Amish tomato produces rosy pink fruits loaded with an old-fashioned tomato taste that has been prized for decades. It is considered one of the benchmarks for intense tomato flavor.

What are black cherry tomatoes?

The black cherry tomato, developed in Florida, is a favorite bite-size tomato. In about 64 days, the black cherry tomato plant will provide you with an abundance of slightly sweet round, dark, rich fruit — each approximately 1.5 inches in diameter — for your salads and barbecues.

What does pear tomatoes look like?

Pear tomato or teardrop tomato is the common name for any one in a group of indeterminate heirloom tomatoes. There are yellow, orange, and red varieties of this tomato; the yellow variety being most common. They are generally sweet, and are in the shape of a pear, but smaller.

What is an oxheart tomato?

Oxheart tomatoes are mid season to late season tomatoes that are similar to beefsteak varieties and just as versatile. Their characteristic large size and pointed bottom resembles that of a beef heart, hence the name. The shape is due to a mutation that causes the blossom end (bottom) to elongate.

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