Is Star Trek: Discovery a flop?

Is Star Trek: Discovery a flop?

Unfortunately, Star Trek: Discovery did not exactly light the television ratings chart on fire. The premiere averaged 1.7 million viewers overall and only scored a 0.2 rating. That’s not great but it is even more disheartening when you see that it was beaten by reruns of shows like The Masked Singer and Filthy Rich.

Is Star Trek: Discovery a success?

It appears however that Star Trek: Discovery remains the streaming services’ biggest series. According to Collider, Star Trek: Discovery was the most-watched series on the service with the iCarly revival coming in at number two.

Is Star Trek: Discovery Cancelled?

Though speculations that Star Trek: Discovery is ending with season 5 are mere rumors as of this time, the show’s cancellation is inevitable, as there are already a couple of Star Trek offshoots in development at Paramount+.

Will there be a 4th season of Star Trek: Discovery?

Season 4, which is streaming on Paramount+, will resume with new episodes starting Thursday, Feb. 10. The current season finds Burnham stepping into the captain’s chair, and the titular crew chasing a scientific anomaly that poses a major threat to the galaxy — a story partially inspired by the current global pandemic.

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Will Star Trek get Discovery season 5?

Right now, Discovery Season 5 is in pre-production. It is expected to premiere sometime in 2023, but that has not been confirmed yet.

Why did Star Trek: Discovery fail?

There Are Better (& Longer) Character Story Arcs

They were not done as haphazardly and incompletely. Most of the characters in Discovery, the ones important to the story anyways, had stunted character development arcs. Sure there are a few exceptions to that statement but overall, Discovery failed its characters.

Why do the Klingons look different on Discovery?

“Divergence” insinuates that Klingons would pass on the human traits including flat foreheads after the genetic treatment. For obvious reasons, all Klingons in TOS were affected by this genetic mutation still 110 years later.

Did Netflix pay for Star Trek: Discovery?

In a just-closed deal between ViacomCBS and Netflix, the Shari Redstone-controlled company has ended the lucrative financial arrangement that launched Discovery back in 2017.

How many seasons of Star Trek: Discovery are planned?

Star Trek: Discovery has officially been renewed for a fifth season, and it looks like it could be boldly going to a new home in the UK. The slick sci-fi drama had streamed on Netflix for its first three seasons and the assumption was that it would stay there for the fourth instalment.

Is Star Trek: Picard Cancelled?

Jean-Luc Picard’s newest adventures won’t see a fourth season. The Star Trek: Picard TV series was renewed for a third season by Paramount+ back in September. Production wrapped on season three earlier this week and it turns out, that will be the end.

What universe is Star Trek: Discovery in?

Star Trek: Discovery is the seventh series set in the Star Trek universe. Created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, Discovery was originally set roughly a decade before Star Trek: The Original Series, set primarily aboard the starship USS Discovery, before jumping from the 23rd century to the 32nd century.

Where is Star Trek: Discovery filmed?

Star Trek: Discovery is produced by CBS Studios in association with Secret Hideout and Roddenberry Entertainment. It is filmed at Pinewood Toronto Studios in Toronto, Canada, as well as on location around the world.

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Why did Rachael Ancheril leave Discovery?

Nhan reveals that part of her decision was connected to her inability to be entirely honest with her family — the people who are essentially descendants of her original family in the 23rd century. “I couldn’t tell them I was from the past.”

Is Picard coming back?

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 is set to premiere on Paramount+ on March 3, 2022, and will have a 10-episode run. Importantly, if you don’t have Paramount+ or do not live in the United States, the new episodes will be released with a 24-hour delay on Amazon Prime Video across more than 200 countries worldwide.

Will Star Trek: Discovery return?

Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for a fifth season. Season four of Star Trek: Discovery returns with new episodes on Thursday, Feb. 10. Season two of Star Trek: Picard will premiere on Thursday, March 3.

How long after Star Trek is next generation?

This means the first two seasons are set roughly 110 years before the events of The Next Generation, and roughly 100 years after the events of Enterprise. Here’s the full breakdown: Star Trek: Enterprise (2151-2161)

How many episodes of Picard are there going to be?

10 episodes

Star Trek: Picard
No. of episodes 17 (list of episodes)

How many episodes are there in season 5 of discovery?

As of March 17, 2022, 55 episodes of Star Trek: Discovery have been released, concluding the fourth season. A 10-episode fifth season was ordered by Paramount+ in January 2022.

Is Star Trek a SJW?

Star Trek has always been great at covering global historic social issues which is why its been able to remain so popular, but in the SJW world, they like to bring problems to the forefront that don’t actually exist.

Is Star Trek: Discovery canon?

As a rule, all Star Trek television series that aired are considered part of the canon.

How did Star Trek enterprise end?

In short: “Enterprise” ended with a 200-year-old recreation of the future events of “Enterprise,” as interpreted through the eyes of William T. Riker. The final episode of Trek was Mary Sue fanfic written by a Trek character.

What color is Klingon Blood?

(audio commentary, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Special Edition) DVD) The Klingon blood was colored lavender specifically for ratings and plot purposes. In essence, the purple blood was intended to show up as clearly alien.

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Why are Klingons bald in Discovery?

Discovery later suggested that the Klingons were only bald because they had shaved their heads for war and in Season 2 L’Rell (Mary Chieffo), and other Klingons grew their hair out.

Are Klingons cannibals?

At the bare minimum, Klingons are ritualistically cannibals, but arguably, in an anthropological sense, that at some point in their past, there likely was a culture of “full on” cannibalism on Kronos. More than likely more than the heart was eaten, and it was a perfectly acceptable.

Is Netflix getting rid of Star Trek?

It’s that time again. With March slowly fading away and April on the horizon, it’s time to check in on which movies and TV titles are cycling off Netflix soon. Two big TV shows from the ’90s — Star Trek: The Next Generation and Dawson’s Creek — are both departing the streaming service next month.

Why has Star Trek: Discovery been removed from Netflix?

Why isn’t Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix internationally anymore? ViacomCBS and Netflix recently closed a deal ending the financial arrangement that led to Discovery’s joint-launch back in 2017. Netflix had been paying for the majority of the show’s budget in order to get overseas rights.

How much do Star Trek: Discovery actors make?

according to Wikipedia the budget of an episode of Discovery is 8 to 8.5 million per episode. so about a 105 million a season, this is the average for most prestige television.

Who owns the Star Trek franchise?

Paramount Global

Star Trek
Original work Star Trek: The Original Series
Owner Paramount Global
Print publications

What should I watch after Star Trek: Discovery?

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 – 1999)
  • Legion (2017 – Present)
  • The Orville (2017 – Present)
  • Black Mirror (2011 – Present)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 – 2014)
  • Battlestar Galactica (2004 – 2009)
  • Firefly (2002)
  • Futurama (1999 – 2013)

Who plays the Romulan woman in Picard?

Laris (portrayed by Orla Brady) is a Romulan and a former member of the Tal Shiar. Laris manages Picard’s vineyard and household in France.

Why is Ensign Tilly leaving Discovery?

Tilly decides to leave Discovery for that teaching position at the academy.

How much does Patrick Stewart make for Picard?

By that point, he was earning a base salary of $45,000 per episode. But it eventually got much better for Patrick. His salary for “The Next Generation” eventually skyrocketed to $100,000 per episode. In today’s money, that is the equivalent of $180,000 per episode.

Is Star Trek: Discovery JJ Abrams universe?

Abrams’ Star Trek movies part of the Prime Universe canon. Now that Star Trek: Discovery is set in the 32nd century, over 900 years after the events of the prior seasons and of Abrams’ trilogy, CBS All-Access’ series has been gradually incorporating all of Star Trek into one combined and defined canon.

Is Star Trek: Discovery Kelvin timeline?

But instead of ignoring everything that had come before, the film branched off from the Prime Universe and created its own alternate reality: the Kelvin Timeline. After the release of 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, the franchise then returned to its television roots with Star Trek: Discovery.

When did the Terran Empire fall?

The series reveals that when exposed to individuals from the normal universe, the Terran Empire began to reform itself for the better, but was overthrown in the 23rd century by an alliance of alien species who took advantage of the Empire’s self-weakening and conquered it, enslaving humans and Vulcans in the process.

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