Is Koe no katachi worth watching?

Is Koe no katachi worth watching?

From what I feel, Koe no Katachi had a nice and slow understanding, and I could feel and understand the plot, and even the characters. Both plots are amazing and seem like great movies, but Koe no Katachi is by far better to me.

Why A Silent Voice is so good?

‘A Silent Voice’ Effectively Illustrates Social Anxiety Through an Unusual Animation Technique. Animation can highlight difficult topics in an easy to understand way. There is no animation studio quite like Kyoto Animation, and there is no animated feature film quite like its 2017 release, A Silent Voice.

Is A Silent Voice a good movie?

‘A Silent Voice’ also turned out to be a very good film in its own right. It isn’t flawless, some of the supporting characters are under-explored and in a few cases inconsistently and one-dimensionally written and some of the story jumps around and doesn’t always feel complete.

Is A Silent Voice appropriate for 10 year olds?

Because the movie deals with mature and disturbing themes like bullying, suicide and atonement, it isn’t recommended for children under 14 years.

Is A Silent Voice 2?

There is currently no source for the story to continue in a sequel. In the movie, the story actually came to an end. When fans know this, they also want to see how their later years will turn out. They are eagerly awaiting news of whether Nishimiya and Shoya actually marry in the future.

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Is Your Name a sad anime?

Your Name is a sad movie. It has a happy ending and there are funny moments, but it’s sad.

Is A Silent Voice based on a true story?

Fans started a rumour claiming it is a true story

The report on the website reveals that a section of fans fell in love with the story and eventually started a rumor claiming that A Silent Voice is based on a true story. However, till date there is no proof if A Silent Voice is a real story.

Does Netflix have your name?

Your Name is a movie that is available on Netflix, but it’s not something that you can find in all countries. Netflix has specific collections of movies and shows in each country where it’s available in, based on the licensing deals they managed to sign.

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