How many tomatoes are in a box of tomatoes?

How many kg is a box of tomatoes?

Tomatoes Box Medium (10 kilo)

How many pounds is a box of tomatoes?

Unit Weight: 1.21 lbs.

How many tomatoes are in a 25 pound box?

If possible, upon delivery, check the pulp temperature of samples to verify transport temperatures were above 55º F. A 25-pound box of tomatoes may contain the following: 5×6 (formerly extra large tomatoes) about 38-62 tomatoes. 6×6 (formerly large tomatoes) about 62-80 tomatoes.

What does 5×5 tomato mean?

5×5 Tomatoes. These large, globular tomatoes have bright red, smooth skin and meaty flesh with a classic tomato favor. Perfect for slicing, chopping, and any other preparation.

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How much does a pallet of tomatoes weigh?

Roma Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes 25 lb. carton, loose 2,000 lbs.
Roma Tomatoes 25 lb. RPC 6411, loose 2,000 lbs.
Roma Tomatoes 25 lb. RPC 6413, loose 2,000 lbs.

How many medium tomatoes is 1kg?

Description. 1kg is approximately 8 – 12 tomatoes.

How many grams is the average tomato?

The average medium-sized tomato weighs between 75 and 150g (2.6-5.3oz) and contains 14-27 calories.

How much does a basket of tomatoes weigh?

Tomatoes Roma/Plum Carton 20 – 25 lbs. 8 tomatoes 1 lb. Vine/hothouse/beefsteak Bushel 53 lbs.

What size is a tomato box?

Interim Box Weight Charts and New Pack Types

Code Tomato Type Size
RR-018 Round 12 x 20 oz.
RR-019 Round 16 x 1lb.
RR-020 Round 4 x 2.25lbs (6 pack)
RR-021 Round 8 x 2lbs.

How much are tomatoes per pound?

In 2021, the retail price of field-grown tomatoes in the United States was 1.91 U.S. dollars per pound, a slight increase from the previous year. The average price of tomatoes has fluctuated considerably over the past two and a half decades.

How many tomatoes are on the vine per pound?

How many tomatoes are in a pound? One pound of tomatoes equals about 2 large or 3 medium-sized tomatoes. What is the yield from one pound of tomatoes? One pound will yield about 2 1/2 cups chopped, 3 cups wedged and 3 cups sliced tomatoes.

How many pounds of tomatoes are in a gallon?

That would be 16.66 pounds per gallon.

How many cups is 25 lbs of tomatoes?

Tomato Conversions

1 small tomato = 3 – 4 ounces
3 medium round tomatoes = 1 pound
8 plum tomatoes = 1 pound
15 – 20 cherry tomatoes = 1 pound
25 to 30 cherry tomatoes yields 2 cups chopped

How many tomatoes are in a bushel?

Vegetables Retail Units and Weights

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Commodity Retail Unit (volume) Net Weight (pounds)
Squash, Summer bushel peck 40 to 44 10
Squash, Winter small medium large 1 to 4 6 to 12 15 to 40
Sweet Potatoes bushel peck 50 12 to 14
Tomatoes bushel 8 dry quarts or peck 50 to 60 12 to 15

What is a 6×7 tomato?

6×7 Tomatoes. These medium sized, globular tomatoes have bright red, smooth skin and meaty flesh with a classic tomato favor. Perfect for slicing, chopping, and any other preparation. Slightly smaller than 6×6 tomatoes.

What is a #2 tomato?

So, save some food cost and look at a #2 or #3 pack. Typically, they are called field run tomatoes, or even culls, some people call them salsa tomatoes.

How many lbs is 3l of tomatoes?

Generally, one serving of tomatoes is equivalent to 1/2 to 1 pound of fresh tomatoes.

Tomato Equivalents by Weight.

Whole Tomatoes Average Weight
3 medium-sized globe tomatoes 1 pound
4 large Roma tomatoes 1 pound
8 small plum or Roma tomatoes 1 pound

How many tomatoes come in a pallet box?

A06 – 16kg Tomato Boxes

Ext. Dimensions 485 x 335 x 260
Int. Dimensions 442 x 292 x 237
Volume ( litre ) 30.5
Description Tomato packaging boxes
Qty. per Pallet 120

What does 4×5 tomato mean?

Organic 4×5 tomatoes are sold 20 to a case, 4 across and 5 down, which gives these tomatoes their name. 4×5 tomatoes are medium in size and have a bright red outer skin. The inner flesh of the 4×5 tomato is extremely juicy and offers a sweet tomato flavor.

How much does a flat of cherry tomatoes weigh?

How Much Does A Tomato Weigh?

Type Of Tomato Weight (ounces) Fruits Per Pound
Cherry 0.5 to 2 8 to 32
Plum 1 to 2 8 to 16
Grape 1 to 3 5 to 16
Roma 2 to 5 3 to 8

How many pieces is 1 kg?

1000 Grams, 1 Kilogram or 20 pieces of Chocolate – Which One Sells Best? – New Neuromarketing.

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How much does half kg of tomato cost?

Final answer: Rs.

The cost of 1/2 kg tomato is Rs. 6.

How many kg is a potato?

Because potatoes vary in size, and because weight is a more accurate measure and easier to scale, I give my ingredients in weights wherever I can. Figure 1.2 kilo is about two and a half pounds, or maybe 8-10 potatoes, starting from the largest in the bag.

What is the weight of a tomato?

5 ounces

Size of Tomato Weight
Medium 5 oz
Small 3 oz

How big is a medium tomato?

U.S. Department of Agriculture grades

Size No Pass inches see note 1 Pass, inches see note 2
Small 2 ¹⁄8 inches 2 932 inches
Medium 2¼ inches 2 1732 inches
Large 2½ inches 2 2532 inches
Extra Large 2¾ inches

How many grams is 1 medium tomato?

one medium tomato (about 123 g) — 4.780 g. 1 cup chopped or sliced tomatoes (about 180 g) — 7.000 g. 1 cup cherry tomatoes (about 149 g) — 5.800 g.

How many pounds is a tomato lug?

32 lb

Raw Product Measure and Weight Litre / US Quart Jars
Strawberries 24 qt. crate (36 lb / 18 kg) 12-16
Tomatoes 1 bu. (53 lb / 26 kg) 15-20
Tomatoes 1 crate (60 lb / 30 kg) 17-23
Tomatoes 1 lug (32 lb / 15 kg) 9-12

How many pounds is a quart of tomatoes?

Approximately 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 pounds of fresh tomatoes makes 1 quart of canned tomatoes.

How many tomatoes equal a cup?

We then started chopping and found it took 27 to 28 cherry tomatoes, about 3 plum tomatoes, or 1.25 medium round garden tomatoes to reach the 1 cup mark.

How deep should a planter box be for tomatoes?

Typical planter boxes tend to be extremely wide, but not deep. Once tomato plants are positioned within the growing medium, they must have a minimum depth of 12 inches beneath them for healthy root growth.

How deep does a planter box need to be for vegetables?

For most plants, a 6-to 8-inch-deep planter box is sufficient. The depth may vary for some vegetables, however. Turnips, cucumbers, broccoli, beets, lettuce and green onions can all grow well in a planter box at that depth, but other vegetables, like cabbage, need a deeper depth of at least 10 inches.

What size pots for tomato seedlings?

Pot the Tomato Seedlings

In general, 3- to 4-inch containers are a good size, though you might have to move them to larger pots later if you can’t plant them outdoors. Fill the new pots with moist potting mix just as you did when you started the seeds.

What is the wholesale price for tomatoes?

The prices per 25-pound carton of vine-ripe tomatoes are summarized in Figure 13. During the 2015-2020 period, the overall average price per carton was $18.50, with an average low price of $5.83 and an average high price of $43.33.

Where does Walmart get their tomatoes?

Walmart estimates that it purchases more than 70 percent of its produce from U.S.-based suppliers, making the company the biggest customer of American agriculture. This year, Walmart expects to source about $400 million in locally grown produce from farmers across the United States.

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