How do you get tomato stains out of plastic containers?

How do you get tomato stains out of plastic containers?

If you have pesky tomato stains on one of your plastic food-storage containers, the easiest way to clean it is with distilled white vinegar and water. Take your plastic container and fill it halfway with water. Then, fill the remainder of the container with white vinegar. Let the container soak for 12-24 hours.

How do you get spaghetti stains out of Tupperware?

How do you get red stains out of Tupperware?

Get Red Stains Out of Tupperware

Simply combine 1 teaspoon of water, 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of dish soap in the red-stained container. Use an old toothbrush or other type of gentle scrubbing tool to work the paste into the plastic.

How do you get stains out of Tupperware?

When it comes to cleaning Tupperware, baking soda is your best buddy. All you have to do is coat the bottom of your container with a layer of baking soda and add enough warm water to make a paste. Use a clean toothbrush to scrub the baking soda into the most challenging stains and let it sit for 15 minutes.

How do you remove set in tomato sauce stains?

Possible agents include hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar applied with a sponge. You can also use lemon juice on white fabrics. Rinse well. Repeat with detergent followed by mild bleaching agent until the stain no longer appears.

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How do you clean greasy Tupperware?

TikTok user @adikempler shared her hack for removing greasy stains from Tupperware. Her method is simple: simply add dish soap and warm water to the container along with a few pieces of ripped up paper towel. Then place the lid on and shake the container for about 45 seconds to a minute.

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