How do I get the researcher Carrot Epic 7?

How do I get the researcher Carrot Epic 7?

Overview. Carrot is a 3★ Fire-element hero with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, whose primary role is being a Mage. By completing her Specialty Change quest chain, she is able to transform into Researcher Carrot.

Is Carrot good in epic seven?

Researcher Carrot is a great specialty change for F2P players as a debuff attacker. Her S3 is an AoE attack that can burn enemies. Her S1 allows her to detonate the burns, but only a slight chance to do so. When soul burned, it will be 100% detonate that allows her to deal all the damage at once.

Is researcher Carrot good for PvE?

In a nutshell, Researcher Carrot is a versatile Fire Mage who is no longer just a budget AOE, but a budget Mage bruiser. With a Speed debuff, a personal shield, and a unique Burn detonation mechanic, she is the linchpin for any Burn-focused team, able to perform in PvP or PvE to great effect.

Is Violet good epic seven?

Violet is an amazing single target damage dealer that is very difficult to kill and scales very well with gear. We build him like a bruiser because his self buffs will give him immense amount of damage, which allows us to invest in health and defense.

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How do you get Researcher Carrot?

Is Mercedes good epic seven?

Mercedes is an decent AOE damage dealer that was given to all players. She can be built Bruiser or Speedy damage dealer. In our build we build her as a Speedy Damage Dealer to go along with our team and we rely on her revive for survivability.

Does Carrot need effectiveness?

Because Carrot relies on Burn debuff, she needs some Effectiveness. The amount of Effectiveness needed highly depends on the current PVP meta. So players may need to do some testing to see what Effectiveness works for them.

How does burn work in epic seven?

DESCRIPTION. Target receives huge damage proportional to the caster’s Attack(60%) at the beginning of the turn. It ignores 70% of the target’s defense.

Is Kawerik good epic seven?

Kawerik can fufill 2 roles quite well, either as a fast support utility attacker that goes first to disable key unit on the enemy team or as a damage dealer. The good thing about him is that he can hold Tagahels, which gives your team a huge advantage due to soul burn.

How good is arbiter Vildred?

Arbiter Vildred is now very strong due to the fact that he has a free revive that allows him to put out damage at least once. That means he is strong against squishy PvP cleave teams as he can’t be one shot. His first skill allows him to decrease combat readiness of 2 enemies, which is nice.

Is Pavel good epic seven?

Pavel is a great opener and single target damage dealer with some nice AOE damage. If he is heavily invested in MolaGora and gear, he can do a lot of damage and work against many teams. If he is paired with Challenger Dominial and other cleave team, he can cleave through a lot of heroes.

How do I imprint my Mercedes Epic 7?

World Fragments are the only materials to Memory Imprint Mercedes. These can be obtained once through each A Crack in the World in Adventure or Unrecorded History Stage. Celestial Mercedes can be imprinted with a duplicate of herself or a World Fragment.

How do I get the Mercedes artifact?

As of Mercedes’ buffs, she’s rocketed herself up from “warm-body until you get someone better in your team” to “actually pretty good!” She can be powered up even further once you clear 10-10 of Episode 3, and will get her own exclusive artifact, made just for her, called Magic for Friends.

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Is Charlotte a good epic 7?

Charlotte is a great AOE damage heroes that can be used against StealthHeroes and whenever you need a strong teamwide damage. She is easier to gear compare to many other Damage Dealers because she doesn’t need any Crit Hit Chance. This means more Tanky Stats or Attack and Crit Hit Damage.

How does Defence work in epic seven?

The Defense used is the target’s current def and then the damage ignores 70% of it. Example, a target with Defense break debuff will suffer the damage as if it only has 9% of it’s defense. Other damaging debuffs: Poison Debuff (5%)

What is combat readiness Epic 7?

Combat Readiness is each character and enemy’s placement in turn order. After each action, the icons will move down at a rate based on that character’s Speed stat. Skills that directly manipulate Combat Readiness will also take effect here. 2. This area shows a Hero’s status in terms of HP and Conditions.

Is Black Hand of the Goddess good?

Reason for Recommendation: This artifact are really good especially for mage heroes that can deal a lot of damage to the enemy since it can increase Critical Hit Chance making the mage heroes land a critical hit.

Is Free Spirit Tieria good?

Free Spirit Tieria is a decent attacker that gives F2P an option if they do not want to deal with “miss” attacks that other elemental heroes do. These days, Free Spirit Tieria makes for a great farmer, because her AI prioritizes her s2 (which, in turn, resets its cooldown if an enemy dies).

Who is arbiter Vildred?

Arbiter Vildred is a cleave-based Hero with high base SPD, a full blind-inflicting AoE, a free revive that clears debuffs tied to a damage-boosted AoE, and the ability to constantly have his S3 up as long as he kills at least one target.

How good is Vildred epic seven?

The best speed farmer in the game once he is properly geared. His kit revolves around kill resets and is also a very strong PvP unit in cleave teams. For boss hunts, he excels in both Banshee and Azimanak. His AoE helps with the mobs and getting kill resets means he deals more damage over time.

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How do you make watcher Schuri?

Should I memory imprint Epic 7?

Memory Imprint is basically a way to give dupes a purpose. Imprinting your heroes will unlock what the game calls, Devotion Skill. Devotion Skills, for the most part, depend on your hero’s class. For example, a Knight would provide defensive stats like flat Health or Defense %.

What are world fragments for?

The World Fragment is the same as the Meteorshard, but using the material is limited to only Mercedes and Celestial Mercedes. World Fragments can be obtained by clearing each Crack In the World Stage for the first time in Adventure mode and Unrecorded History.

What is memory imprinting?

Imprinting is a powerful and rapid form of learning, associated with processes having the characteristics of recognition memory observed in a range of animals (Bateson, 1990).

How do I get magic for a friend?

Players can obtain Magic for Friends upon completion of Episode 3, Chapter 10 – East Politia. The artifact will be fully unlocked but leveling it up will not increase the effects of the Artifact, only the stats. Also, this Artifact is exclusive to Mercedes only! So it can not be equipped by any other Hero.

Is Baal and Sezan good epic seven?

Unfortunately, Baal and Sezan – despite being a Selective Summon unit – is not considered to be very good to most people. They are usable, however there are many units that outshine them and seem to do their job better for less investment.

Is Charlotte good in PvE?

On top of that, she also gains combat readiness as well. That means she will be beefy enough to take some hits before going down. Her skill 1 also turns into AoE when she is buffed. Now she is going to fit really well into teams both PvE and PvP.

Is Iseria good in epic seven?

She’s insanely good for PvE, and can really help set up her allies to do their job properly. The Tamarinne + Iseria pair is still really good in Abyss floors, too – Tamarinne’s s3 starts on a full cooldown, so Iseria can easily refresh the cooldown for her Idol form.

How much effectiveness is Wyvern 13?

Defense Break is the most important debuff. It decreases the defense of the boss and allows players to deal massive. Make sure the Effectiveness of these heroes are at 65% for Wyvern 13 and 55% for Wyvern 12 or lower. Have these hero move before all other Heroes if possible.

Where do I get elemental summon in Epic 7?

What is a soul Weaver in Epic 7?

Soul Weavers are the buffers and healers in Epic Seven. They work to protect their allies and aid them during battle. There are currently two general versions of Soul Weavers.

How do elements work Epic 7?

Like many other gacha games, all heroes in Epic Seven belong to an element: fire, earth, ice, light, and dark. Every element is stronger against another one – to save you the trouble, here is the full list: Light is stronger against Dark (and vice versa, these elements are equal) Fire beats Earth.

Is Tieria good epic seven?

Tieria is a decent support attacker that can be used as a replacement for Schuri as the turn manipulator in PvE content. She is still useful against high hp bosses with her 3rd skill.

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