How can you tell if tomato seeds are bad?

How can you tell if tomato seeds are bad?

It usually takes about a week for tomato seeds to dry out, but a good rule of thumb is seeds that are easy to bend are still wet. Dried seeds are very hard to bend or break. Once you’re sure that the tomato seeds are dry, you just need a container to store them in.

Will 20 year old seeds grow?

The answer is, yes, seeds will eventually go bad and no longer germinate, but it can take quite a long time. There is a good chance that those old seed packets will have a high percentage of seeds that will germinate just fine.

Will 20 year old tomato seeds grow?

Yes! If tomato seeds are appropriately fermented, dried, and stored, they can last up to 10 years with a germination rate of 50%.

How can you tell if tomato seeds are good?

One method to check for seed viability is the water test. Take the seeds and place them in a container of water. Let the seeds sit for 15 minutes. If the seeds sink, they are still viable; if they float, discard, because they probably will not sprout.

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