How big is a tomato frog?

How big is a tomato frog?

Tomato Frog Size

Adult males can reach 2.5 inches, while females can grow as large as 4 inches from snout to vent. Youngsters are generally 1 to 1.5 inches when sold. They grow quickly and can reach adult size within a year if fed well. Two years is the minimum time frame required for a female to mature.

What size tank do tomato frogs need?

Housing the Tomato Frog

In order to create the preferred environment for a tomato frog, you’ll want at least a 10-gallon terrarium as well as a shallow water dish (they don’t require a lot of water).

How big do false tomato frogs get?

False Tomato Frog Dyscophus guineti

Origin Madagascar
Environment Forest Floor
Adult Size 5 to 10cm
Suitability Beginner
Lifespan Unknown

What is the size and weight of a tomato frog?


Genus: Dyscophus
Species: antongilii
Length: Females average 3.5 to 4 inches in body length. Males average 2 to 2.5 inches.
Weight: Females weigh about 8 ounces; males weigh about 1.5 ounces
Average Lifespan: Over seven years

Do tomato frogs bite?

When threatened, a tomato frog inflates its body and, when bitten, secretes a thick oozy substance through the holes in its porous skin, which numbs the predator’s eyes and mouth!

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Can you have a tomato frog as a pet?

Tomato frogs make great pets.

They are very docile and do not need a large enclosure. This makes them well suited to beginners. This species spends most of its day burrowed in substrate. They also have a simple care and husbandry routine.

Do tomato frogs need a heat lamp?

Your frog’s terrarium should be warm — between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 65 F to 70 F at night. If necessary, use a heat bulb and/or a night-specific heat lamp for warmth. A thermometer at each end will help you monitor the temperature. Your froggy likes humidity between 50% and 80%.

How fast do tomato frogs grow?

Tomato Frog Size

They grow quickly and can reach adult size within a year if fed well. If you want a really large frog, choose a female. Adult males can reach 2.5 inches, while females can grow as large as 4 inches from snout to vent. Sexual maturity is reached at 2- 2 ½ years of age.

Do tomato frogs climb?

When taking a first glance at the tomato frog one would not expect it to be an arboreal species, but it can actually climb surprisingly well. While it is certainly not an arboreal species, a few thick branches or pieces of rock can be provided to allow this behavior.

Do tomato frogs need water?

A small heating pad or basking lamp might be required to keep the temperature warm enough. This all depends on the room temperature their enclosure is kept in; read more about this in the temperature section below. Tomato frogs don’t require a lot of water. A small, shallow dish filled with clean water will suffice.

How toxic are tomato frogs?

When threatened, the tomato frog puffs up into a rounded tomato shape and emits a sticky toxin through it skin that is unpalatable to predators. The toxin can cause an allergic reaction in humans.

Can tomato frogs drown?

All tomato frogs, however, are terrestrial and prefer sandy or muddy habitats. In fact, if a tomato frog were to fall into the water, it could easily drown. Tomato frogs can be found in the forests, ponds, marshes, canals, and other warm, humid areas throughout Madagascar.

Do tomato frogs hibernate?

Tomato frogs also hibernate and take long deep sleep, especially during colder seasons. Hibernating is their way of adapting to their environment to survive colder temperatures. Tomato frogs can also be seen hibernating beneath the mud of underwater.

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How long do tomato frog live in captivity?

Size and Age. Adult female Tomato Frogs can reach almost 4″ in length, where males only usually reach no more than 2.5″. They can live up to 10 years in captivity, though could live longer with ideal care.

Do tomato frogs swim?

The frogs in the Microhylidae family are known as the “narrow- mouth frogs.” Size: Males are about one-third the weight of the females. Females are four inches (10.5 cm) in length; males are 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) long. Behavior: They walk or hop about and are not good swimmers.

Do tomato frogs jump?

Can tomato frogs and pacman frogs live together?

I get it. But resist the temptation and keep your them in separate enclosures. Placing two of them together in the same tank can result in injury or death. Don’t put a juvenile frog in the same tank with an adult; it could very well get eaten.

How high can a tomato frog jump?

Frogs can jump 30x – 50x their body length.

Are tomato frogs Hardy?

Tomato Frog Overview

Both wild-captured and captive-bred, tomato frogs are sold as pets worldwide. Because their care needs are relatively simple and they are generally hardy frogs, tomato frogs are a good choice for beginning frog owners.

Can tomato frogs eat earthworms?

Tomato frogs are nocturnal hunters and will only feed on live food like crickets, worms, and Dubia roaches.

Why are tomato frogs red?

The gummy substance contains a toxin that occasionally causes allergic reactions in humans. The allergic reaction will not kill a human and the frog secretes it only when frightened. The lifespan of the tomato frog can be from 6 to 8 years. When adult, the colors may vary from yellowish orange to deep red.

What eats tomato frogs?

The main predator of the Tomato frog is snakes. Tomato frogs range in color, however they are usually orange to red on their back, with a yellowish underside. Sometimes they have black spots along the throat. Males tend to be less vivid in their coloration than are females.

Are tomato frogs aggressive?

Social Behavior: As long as enough space is provided, more than 2 frogs can be kept in the same enclosure. Males should not become aggressive unless breeding conditions are met.

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How do you tell if a tomato frog is a boy or girl?

Tomato frogs are best identified by their striking colors. Males are a yellow-orange and females a brighter, red-orange. The frogs’ undersides are an off-white color, and in some instances these frogs may have black spots on their backs.

Can tomato frogs eat fruit flies?

Small Crickets and Fruit Flies

A variety of insects are recommended as usual, but because of this creature’s small size, the two most common types of feeders are flightless fruit flies and very small crickets.

What size tank does a Pacman frog need?

They should live alone. A Pacman frog should live in a terrarium that’s a minimum 10 gallons. The terrarium should have a screened lid. Line the bottom of the terrarium with 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm) of coconut-fiber or bark bedding; your frog will enjoy burrowing in it.

How big do Pacman frogs get?


Care Difficulty Beginner
Average Life Span 10–15 years with proper care
Average Adult Size Males 3–4″ long; females 4–8″ inches long
Diet Carnivore
Minimum Habitat Size 10–20 gallons

Do frogs need heat lamps?

Your frog’s terrarium temperature must be kept between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and 65 F to 75 F at night. If necessary, use a heat bulb or a night-specific heat lamp for warmth.

Are Pacman Frogs good for beginners?

Pacman frogs are excellent pet amphibians for beginners. They come in many beautiful color morphs and are famous for their Pacman-like appearance. With routine husbandry and a correct setup, these frogs are easy to care for and can live for 10 years.

Is a 20 gallon tank good for a PacMan frog?

Size and Features of the Ideal PacMan Frog Terrarium

Since PacMan frogs have long periods of inactivity, they do not require much terrarium space. Typically, a 20-gallon long starter tank is plenty of room for one adult male PacMan frog.

Do Pacman frogs stink?

No Smell. Apart from not making any noise, pacman frogs also don’t smell. The only smell you might observe from the tank will be of dead insects or if the tank hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, all of which you can avoid by taking proper care.

Can you touch a Pacman frog?

Pacman frogs should not be handled unless absolutely necessary. Handling is bad for the frogs sensitive skin, they may try chomp one of your fingers! These guys have a strong bite and hold on hard, so keep your distance! When food is scarce, or the humidity is too low, pacmans can enter a state known as “brumation”.

Do Pacman frogs bites hurt?

Pacman frogs may bite out of self-defense when they feel threatened or particularly aggressive. Due to their large size, these bites can hurt but will rarely cause serious damage. Pacman frogs also have a tendency to bite if they mistake fingers for food.

How much does a Pacman frog cost?

Common Pacman frogs usually cost between $20 and $40. However, with certain morphs, they can cost $60 or more. The price varies based on many factors, including the morph, area you live, quality, and rarity of the species.

Can a frog live in a fish tank?

1 or 2 African dwarf frogs can live happily in a 5-gallon aquarium. But if you’re getting more than that, or if they’ll be sharing their aquarium with fish, they’ll need an aquarium of at least 20 gallons. Put the tank someplace without a lot of people traffic, out of direct sunlight and away from drafty spots.

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