How big do Danvers carrots get?

How big do Danvers carrots get?

Heirloom carrot developed in 1886. Market gardeners in Danvers, Massachusetts, developed this variety and shared it with Burpee in 1886. The root is a rich, dark orange and is 6-8″ long.

Are Danvers carrots heirloom?

Organic, Heirloom. Growers in Danvers, Massachusetts during the late-19th century were searching for a carrot with improved color, yield, and uniformity. After many variations, the ‘Danvers 126’ carrot was born! It grows particularly well interplanted with onions and in heavy soils due to its high fiber content.

What are the 4 types of carrots?

The Four Main Categories of Carrots

  • Danvers. When you think of a generic carrot, chances are you’re thinking of a Danvers type. …
  • Nantes. As one might expect of an heirloom from France, Nantes carrots have a distinctive refined look. …
  • Chantenay. …
  • Purple Carrots. …
  • Yellow Carrots. …
  • White Carrots.

Are Danvers carrots easy to grow?

Danvers Carrot Information

Carrots are one of the easier and least fussy crops to grow.

What does a Danvers carrot look like?

The Danvers carrot was developed in 1871 in Massachusetts. These carrots are deep orange and often on the short side, about six to eight inches long, though they can get up to about 10″ long in deep, loose, rock-free soil. The roots are broad at the top and tapered.

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