Are Bumblebee tomatoes determinate?

Are Bumblebee tomatoes determinate?

Indeterminate. 70 days.

What do bumblebee tomatoes look like?

Along with Pink and Purple Bumble Bee tomatoes, Sunrise has orange skins that are streaked with bright gold. They are strikingly beautiful, but also boast tremendous sweet flavour. The texture is succulent and the small cherry fruits are resistant to cracking.

Do blue tomatoes taste different?

As far as flavor, anthocyanins have no taste, so blue tomatoes will taste like, well, tomatoes, though each variety has its own flavor profile. Gates says his ‘Blue Berries’ variety is a cherry tomato that tastes like a ‘Black Cherry’ tomato with an additional, indescribable good flavor.

Are blue tomatoes edible?

Tomatoes aren’t just round and red. They’re also blue! Not only are blue tomatoes delicious but also the blue skin means that they have the added benefit of naturally-powerful antioxidants.

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